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Ball joints
Steering linkage
Wheels and brakes

4 Responses to “Subframe”

  1. gene Says:

    i am trying to find some blueprints on subframe connectors or specs on ho to build my own and install i could use some help i just picked up 67 all parts have been removed and now i need to figur out how to get it back together
    Thanks gene

  2. Len Says:

    Great looking bird. I have 2 identical to yours. One will be a donor car. I am now to the point of removing the chasis from the frame. Can you explain to me where the bolts are located and if there are any tricks to doing this?
    Thank you for your help.

    • Lloyd Says:

      Hey, would love to see the cars!
      I have a post of separating my body from the subframe here:
      Basically, there are four bolts, 2 on each side under the front floor pans and 2 on the bulkhead (firewall). You’ll probably need penetrating oil and a big extender bar if they’ve rusted anything like mine had. Obviously without the bolts the 2 parts will be separate and will act it, so need to be jacked up to stop from rolling/crashing. I used blocks of wood and jacks… blocks under the body and jacks under the subframe would be best, as you’ll want to wheel the subframe out. Now, once separated the body is going to be hard to move, so best to separate where you’re going to work, else you’ll need at least a few extra hands to move it around. If I do it again I’ll probably try to use an engine crane and a strap to hold up the body (like here
      Hope that helps,
      Anything else let me know.

  3. Nathan Smith Says:

    Hi Lloyd,

    Great website. I got my 1967 firebird exactly a year ago and have been following your progress while starting to pull my bird apart. Starting this summer, I have stripped down to the subfram, pulled the subframe and spent a bunch of time stripping it clean. I had a few questions for you. 1. how clean did you get the subframe before painting with the POR-15? I have done about everything I can with the wire wheel. It looks ok, but there are a number of nooks and crannies that I can’t get and I don’t have a sandblaster. Did you end up sandblasting everything? Also, how did you press out the ball joints? Did you pay someone, use a press, or really just pound them out with a large hammer? I managed to get out the bushings (what a pain), but have had no luck on the lower ball joints thus far and I still haven’t drilled out the rivit in the upper joints yet. Ugh.

    BTW, have you restored a firebird before or some other vehicle? I waste a lot of time trying to figure out what my next move should be, what parts to buy, etc. I see the sites you reference for parts above (that helps), how do you figure out what to do and how to do it?


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