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6 Responses to “Engine”

  1. matt Says:

    im 17 and tryin to start on a 67 firebird and the engine wont start. it will crank a little bit but will die after one or two tries and where can i find quarters for it? i live in springfield ohio and cant really find much

  2. John Gaydos Says:

    i have a 67 firebird with a 1970 350. i’m 19 and my dad and i have been trying to get the spark plugs to spark for quite some time. The engine cranks fine with 2 different batteries and it has an HEI distributor that seems to be getting 12 volts. any suggestions to get the spark plugs to spark?

    • Dino Says:

      Though your distributor is getting voltage it may not be producing spark when the engine is cranked. Take a plug wire off any spark plug (one easiest for you to get to) place a used plug in it the wire and lay the plug on the engine where it is getting some ground and where you can easily observe the plug. Have some one crank the engine. If no spark the problem is in your distributor. Make sure there is a rotor in the distributor. A few things in the distributor that can produce a crank and no spark. Faulty ignition module, pick up coil, and or the coil. These last three I mentioned any one of them will cause no spark. The cap, wiring, voltage and coil button are things you can check easily. Just make sure you havent hooked the power wire to the tach side of your coil if the wire connectors have been replaced for any reason.

  3. Paul Says:

    If your having trouble starting your car try the shift sensor in the floor shifter. I have found that 8 out of 10 times it is the sensor. What I am in need is to understand how the front bumper and lights go back on. I am currently on a total resoration and just need the back and front bumpers, headlights, and seats to be done. It has been a long road but fun!

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