Starter motor back on car. Still doesn’t turn over, just a faint whir. Battery unhooked and left to charge – a big ‘duh’ if this solves it – don’t think it will however, just exhausting possibilities.


Finished cleaning innards with wet and dry and petrol. Brushes and commutator were all in good condition, but now at least cleaner. Drive pinion turns smoothly. Shafts regreased and whole thing reassembled. Tested by hooking directly to known good battery – works fine. Seems to have been a pointless excercise, other than making it shiny. Tomorrow: put starter motor back in and test.


Picture would have been nice… but I forgot.

Pulled out some more interior fittings and cleaned the transmission tunnel of the insulation or sound proofing sheets. Engine dosen’t turn over, starter solenoid clicks – pinion gear engages with flywheel, but starter motor does not turn. When jump started a faint whir of the starter motor and the belts and fan moves slowly. Unbolted and dewired Starter Motor and started cleaning outside casing with wire brush and petrol.