Well OK it’s still not on 4 wheels… but it’s getting there.


Will update with details later, but for now, a picture…

Finally… an update!

15 July 2009

So, where the car stands… 2 noise complaints from the council down the line, all the grinding of welds is done. The body and panels have been shotblasted again and not by a cowboy with an air compressor and a bucket of sand, this time hopefully by a professional. Everything is primered in Eastwood epoxy.






The subframe has been fully rebuilt with new nut-end-style control arm shafts. Also had the lower ball joints pushed in. I have a few old bolts to replace, and a couple parts to touch up with paint, but this is now pretty much done. The axle has had new bearings, I am currently waiting on new studs for the wheels, and once these arrive the wheels can be put on, and this too will be done.


So from here, the underbody of the car is going to have all the welds sealed and then the whole thing sprayed with underseal. Then, back onto the subframe and axle… i.e. 4 wheels!

Been busy…

21 December 2008

Haven’t had much too much time for the car in the last couple of months… But a fair bit has been done. The trunk pan is in, the right hand shock mount, trunk extension and trunk filler panels have all been put in, and so has the inner and outer wheelhouses.



There is still a load of spot (plug with my MIG) welds to do and also some seams welds to tidy up and grind down. But everything is all in and not going anywhere. Quite impressed with how everything has lined up. There’ll be a more detailed step-by-step post for the left hand side. Next thing I do though will probably be the floors, as there are a few extra problems with the left hand side shock mount which has rotted away to nothing – so a fair bit of work needs to be done to make it structurally sound… so I’ll just delay the problem, and do the floors first.

The traction arm aka radius rod aka torque arm aka whatever else…


Pressure wouldn’t budge these bushings so the alternative was this. The traction arm front bushing being burned out with a weed burning torch.


I burned the rear one out as I wasn’t sure how the new ‘Ultimate Performance High Technology Polygraphite’ (overkill compared to all my other rubbers, but it’s all I could find) bushings would fit.


These are the new (totally over-specced for my application) bushings to be installed once the arm is painted.


The larger rear bushing would in no way fit with the metal shell still in place, so this had to be replaced. I tried using a chisel to break the shell away from the arm and pull it out… this didn’t work so using the chisel I had to fold the outer flange inwards…


… this created a kind of seat for an appropriately sized socket to sit on and push (whack) the bushing out – had to make sure that no sharp bits would scratch against the arms bushing surface, but the folding in of the shell flange meant the edges that would press against the wall are rounded inwards, so no problem there.


The bushing is out.


Ready for prep then paint then new bushings to be installed:

Spent today breathing in lots of rust dust. I had planned on shot-blasting away most of the rust with the thought that a new compressor and gun would make the job a piece of cake. It is still very time consuming and tedious, so to speed it up I’ve used a flap wheel on an angle grinder to get most of the rust away, then plan to use the shot-blaster to get into corners, folds etc.


The rear axle before, then after.


The drive shaft before and after:


Assorted front support bits before and after (and the drive shaft again, don’t know why) (and the rear traction bar has been done).

Took out rear axle.

25 May 2008

Took out the rear axle assembly. The leaf springs are being a little stubborn, so I separated them under the car and am going to take them out later.


Before / after:

Before / after:

Axle Assembly: