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Prepping more parts.

22 July 2008

The latest batch of parts to be painted. Sadly not the last.


1 – Marine Clean applied by spray bottle. 2 – Jet blast Marine Clean off. 3 – After degreasing.


Forgot about the axle, so time to degrease that.


Nice picture showing the colour of the degreasant being blasted off, obviously works.


Drying after being degreased.


Time to pre-prime with Metal Ready. Again applied by spray bottle.


After Metal Ready application. It leaves a zinc coating (white) on the metal. This is apparently the best surface key for POR-15 paint to adhere to.

Finally, something clean and new:

These are all the body panels to be replaced and most of the exhaust system.

All the parts sorted and stored. Practically every component of the steering, suspension and brakes is being replaced.

Some of new fuel and fluid lines: