Removed wheelhouse.

15 August 2008

Removed left side wheelhouse by drilling out all the spot welds, and a little bit of cutting.



Rust damage:












Removing crank shaft.

20 July 2008

To remove the crank shaft, the crank shaft clamps/bearing caps must be removed.
1 – Bearing cap bolts all loosened. 2 – Gently knock the cap free. 3 – The 5 bearing caps.


Now the crank shaft can simply be lifted up and out.


Now with the engine stripped… you have a very big, very heavy paperweight…

Removing cam shaft.

19 July 2008

With the timing chain, gears and cover all removed (see previous posts) removing the cam shaft is very simple. Just undo the thrust washer and it’ll slide out (carefully).



With the timing chain cover off, it is just a case of unbolting the camshaft gear…


… And pulling the gear and chain off.

Removing pistons.

19 July 2008

First is to flip the engine upside down and remove the oil pump and pan.


Showing the crankshaft and piston connecting rod ends…


It may be needed to rotate the crankshaft until a piston connecting rod end in accessible and also in line with the piston.


1 – The piston rod bolts undone. 2 – The bearing cap gently knocked free. 3 – The bearing cap removed. 4 – The bearing cap and bolts.


1 – Place some rubber hose on the connecting rod studs to prevent damage to the cylinder as the piston is removed. 2 – Two of the head bolts and some elastic bands will catch the pistons as it is pushed out the cylinder. 3 – Place a stick on the piston to be removed and hit the stick with a hammer. This will cause the piston to move through the cylinder…


… and out the other end.


Then just repeat 7 more times and the engine is piston free.

To remove the crankshaft pulley and timing chain cover…


To remove the pulley is simple. It’s held on by 6 bolts to the harmonic balancer. It may be necessary to slide something (screwdriver etc) through an access hole to stop the pulley from rotating.


Now to remove the harmonic balancer. A screwdriver through a hole will stop it from rotating. A large bar on the end of the socket will probably be needed, and loosen in the normal (anti-clockwise) direction.


Once the bolt is out the harmonic balancer will just slide off the crankshaft.


Now the timing chain cover can be removed, this is bolted to the block in 4 places.