Cut up the door skins.

1 September 2008

In preparation for the blast cleaning, I cut out a large section of the door skin, to expose the hidden side of the interior door wall. I’m trying to maximize what needs cleaning gets blasted, and minimize what doesn’t (as in what needs to replaced for sure).


Before / after of the right hand door:


…and the other side:


Not much left of the car now…


I’m probably going to cut some more of the quarters out (lose the gills for now), for the same reason as doing the door skins. It’s going to look good (or something close, anyway), when it’s all been blasted and primed.

Some more cutting.

28 August 2008

Decided to cut away the strip of the boot pan I had previously left on top of the box section. I would not be able to weld to it, like I had originally planned, it is of too bad a condition. I had concerns about it providing structure to the box section, but now think it is strong enough and is supported at either end to under the body and to the tail panel.


I also cut away the remainder of the pan to the right, fully removed the wheelhouses (just a case of finding the spot welds) from the rocker panel and tidied up some previous cuts. Just need to work out what to do with the shock mounts and then clean everything up.


A professional sand blast job is very appealing and seemingly a necessity. The entire rear end, bulk head, interior needs to be removed of rust, and there are too many awkward surfaces for a wire wheel or flap disc to do a satisfactory job. My new shot blast gun and 11cfm compressor is still not up to the job (to small a blast diameter, and not enough force behind the grit to remove dirt let alone rust and layers of paint).

Something's missing…

26 August 2008

Cut out the trunk pan.



The cut out trunk pan:

Note the the upper corners. I had to cut slightly differently than what I planned, as underneath there is part of another panel that overlaps right in the corner, so I had to avoid cutting this.


To maintain structural integrity, a strip of the trunk pan which is spot-welded on top of the box section was not removed, also some of the pan was left where it meets the tail panel, and about a foot or so of it remains where the pan meets with the back seat. Also, cut away some of the pan to one side of the box section. Will finish the other side tomorrow as well as neatening some of the cuts (straightening them out) to make it easier to cut the new panel to shape.


It’s a little weird being able to see straight through the car now.

Cut away some more of the quarter panel and proceeded to drill out the spots welds holding the inner and outer wheelhouses to the body shell (to the rear seat pan, trunk pan, rear seat back rest, filler panel, inner side panel, trunk hinge supports and sail pillar support). An area down near the rocker panel is causing problems as to how to remove the wheelhouse spot welds from there, so for now I’ve just cut around the problem area. Also, drilled and cut out the filler panel.





Drilled out all the spot welds between the trunk pan and the support straps in preparation for removing a large section of the pan.


I started by dot-punching and drilling a 2mm pilot hole (with a Cobalt drill bit) from underneath, then from above drilled the hole to 10mm (with another Cobalt drill bit). I didn’t worry about putting a hole in the strap, as I’ll be welding them to the new pan from underneath via plug-welding these holes.


From above:


From below:


The supports are then welded to the tail panel, but I’ll be leaving them there, I just wanted to free the trunk pan.

Where to cut?…

17 August 2008

Been working out where to cut, how much to keep, what to replace et cetera.


I plan on cutting the whole pan out along the blue lines (apart from to the right side, I’ll cut along the white line – this is the frame rail). Then cut out the filler panels on the red line (but not over the white line). Then the new boot pan will take the shape of the blue lines and the new filler panels the red lines. They will meet on top of the frame rail and both be welded to it and each other.


Here is my messed up shock mount, there are 3 layers of overlapping sheet metal to make up here, all three have practically rotted away. I’m thinking about cutting the top layer off along the red lines, and going from there.


Notice the hook in the background of the above pic, I’m going to cut around that just to save some hassle. Update: These plans changed slightly when I got underneath the car, there are some edges of sheet metal to cut around, and, stupid me, the frame rails are not straight along, they bend inwards, where the boot pan also does so…

Removed filler panel.

16 August 2008

Removed filler panel through drilling out spot welds to the top of the trunk pan, the bottom of the remaining quarter and also, unnecessarily (causing me more problems by doing so) to the tail panel.