More trunk bracing.

12 September 2008

In preparation for mounting on the recently purchased AutoTwirler (still waiting on the leaf spring mount brackets) I’ve braced the rear end. This (paired with the prior support braces) should stop any corkscrew-ing or sagging when the car is rotated. Once mounted, it is off to the ‘blasters for cleaning, then when it gets back it’ll be time for putting together the new arse-end of the car. For this, this bracing will need to be removed, so really these bracings are very temporary to allow the shotblasters to get all round the car. Here’s some pictures:



More paint stripping.

1 June 2008

Used some more Nitro Mors on the trunk lid, boot lid and front cowl panel. They all still need to be sanded down.

I am considering either hiring a beefy shot-blast unit and compressor (the one I used earlier, coupled with my small compressor, to do the hood hinges is just not up to the task), or taking the panels somewhere professional, just to save on all the time and effort – and to get a better result. I still need the inside and underside of the car body done, the firewall, lots of front support panels, heater box and more.

Removed paint and sanded to bare metal, the roof, sail pillars and rear end.

Used Nitro Mors Paint and Varnish stripper, it makes light work of each of the layers of paint but doesn’t touch the primer.

Used a random orbit sander to get rid of the primer coat.


Paint stripper applied:

After scraping:

After sanding:

The rear quarters are going to be replaced, so are left untouched for now.