Not Dead Yet

18 August 2010

Finally… an update! Only, a year in waiting… The engine has been fully rebuilt, and is back in the car. Video below!



The electronics were lashed up to prove the engine. The current coil and points will be replaced soon with a Pertronix FlameThrower II coil and Ignitor II module. The intake and carb will be replaced with an Edelbrock manifold and Holley carb. The radiator replaced with a new shiny one. And a few hoses and the plug wires replaced with coloured ones to jazz things up a bit. A new battery is needed and am thinking about an Optima RedTop, also possibly replace the starter motor with a small high torque one. Fund permitting of course.


Next on the agenda is to fit the exhaust and run the engine through that, to get a better idea of how it sounds. I have a MagnaFlow system ready to be installed, but need to drill a few holes to mount the pipes. The Doug’s headers come with a reducer flange that must be welded to the exhaust pipes, which first need to be cut to size.


Now… a few pictures… showing the engine, and also the front wheelhouses and fenders mocked up. Starting to look good. A little bit excited.

3 Responses to “Not Dead Yet”

  1. hiltman Says:

    All you need now is a white skull/xbones on the hood!

    Finally starting to come together!


  2. Kyle Says:

    Looks good i have the same headers very tight fit. thing is i am running a 455 done up in my 1967 Convert. Can’t wait to see finshed product.


  3. Paul Says:

    Great to see the project back on !!!! Its been a long year of checking in. The car looks great…keep us posted!!!


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