♫ Back on the floor again.

19 July 2009

Well OK it’s still not on 4 wheels… but it’s getting there.


Will update with details later, but for now, a picture…

6 Responses to “♫ Back on the floor again.”

  1. danny avalos Says:

    Sweet… The body on your bird sure did come out clean.

  2. Joe Coppa Says:

    Amazing…. I had a ’68 Firebird 350 turbo glide in high school that I bought in ’74 for $600.00. I have missed that car ever since I sold it in ’78. Nothing I have owned since then even comes close to that old bird, and I have owed some pretty nice vehicles since then…

  3. Danny Says:

    No updates in two months. Everything comin along alright or u just taking a break?

  4. hiltman Says:

    Would it be at all cost effective to ship those F-body brackets to California?

  5. J Tapia Says:

    I can’t wait for more updates on you firebird. I ma in the process of restoring a 67 as well. Gives us an update, I hope all is well.

  6. hiltman Says:

    Ditto. I’ve been checking the site ever couple weeks. Heck, I wouldn’t blame you for taking a well deserved break after all of the work you’ve done.


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