Well OK it’s still not on 4 wheels… but it’s getting there.


Will update with details later, but for now, a picture…


17 July 2009

All the welds and joins have been sealed with a brush-on sealer. I started off neat, but ended up just slathering it on.


Then I used Dinitrol 4941 underseal applied with a shutz gun. I’ve just done the one thick coat.


Tomorrow I’ll give the coating a look-over once it’s dry and hopefully (if everything is fine) mount the body back to the rear axle and subframe.

Finally… an update!

15 July 2009

So, where the car stands… 2 noise complaints from the council down the line, all the grinding of welds is done. The body and panels have been shotblasted again and not by a cowboy with an air compressor and a bucket of sand, this time hopefully by a professional. Everything is primered in Eastwood epoxy.






The subframe has been fully rebuilt with new nut-end-style control arm shafts. Also had the lower ball joints pushed in. I have a few old bolts to replace, and a couple parts to touch up with paint, but this is now pretty much done. The axle has had new bearings, I am currently waiting on new studs for the wheels, and once these arrive the wheels can be put on, and this too will be done.


So from here, the underbody of the car is going to have all the welds sealed and then the whole thing sprayed with underseal. Then, back onto the subframe and axle… i.e. 4 wheels!