Left side rear end rebuilt

8 February 2009

Since the last post… New sheet metal for the shock mount, trunk pan extension, quarter filler panel, and inner and outer wheelhouses… and rebuilt structural shock mount area.

I’ll add some more detailed step-by-step pictures shortly.


Still a lot of grinding, welding and more grinding and welding to do…

4 Responses to “Left side rear end rebuilt”

  1. hiltman Says:

    I figured you had taken a well deserved break. Glad to see you back on the project. I’m working 100% on the house, so my Bird is still waiting patiently in the garage!

    • Lloyd Says:

      It is good to see progress being made, for a while now I don’t have the hassle of measuring and cutting, just straightforward welding… at least until I get to the rear quarters and doors. Got the engine back last week, I had one of the cylinders bored and sleeved to repair some damge and the others honed. I will probably start to rebuild that shortly, once I can accept the current US to GBP exchange rate for the parts I need!
      Good luck on the house, how long do you think till you can start again on the car?

  2. danny avalos Says:

    Looks good ! I tried to send you pictures of my Camaro but for whatever reason I don’t think you got them sorry.

  3. hiltman Says:

    I welded the exhaust on my Jeep Grand Cherokee. It turned out nice. I’m trying to practice welding each weekend until I’m comfortable with rust repair. I think my approach will be to ratrod the coupe. I won’t worry about a total restoration, so that I can actually drive it before I turn 40 in a year and a month. Then I’ll perform a total restoration on the convertible. I don’t know why, but I’m really nervous about the body work for some reason. My new approach should help. I won’t be so concerned if it’s not perfect, plus it will be a lot more affordable.

    Have you started on your motor yet?

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