Passenger floor replaced

31 December 2008




2 Responses to “Passenger floor replaced”

  1. Bubba Fernandez Says:

    I am in the process of restoring a 67 Firebird also. I am way behind you though. You have made my restoration a lot easier and think you have done an awesome job of helping people like me. I started at the beginning of your resto and have got this far. I have a numbers matching all original 67 Firebird 400(Missing Intake and Carb though). I have to do basically everything you have done. I have the drivetrain out and the entire front end off and the full interior out. I was not planning on cutting the door skins out, are you still glad you did it? Also where did you get your floor panels, and did you consider the one piece floor? I have almost the exact rust spots in the floor as you, and I was planning on the one piece floor, but yours looks awesome. I can send you pics of mine if you want, and Thanks again for all the information you have shared!!


    • Lloyd Says:

      Hey. Would love to see some pics of your car.
      Door skins… the old doors were pretty badly dented and quite rusted round the bottom, so the best thing was to replace the whole things. Replacing the skins shouldn’t be too hard, the skin is wrapped round the door shell and spot welded in place, so to replace it… just cut the old spots out pull the old skin off and then fit the new skin over the shell and spot/plug weld in the same places. I’ve only cut them like I have to allow the inside of the shells to be blasted clean.
      Floor panels… I got the full size ones from NPD (repro not OEM) and just cut them up to fit. I was originally planning on replacing the whole floors but it was not needed and would’ve been a lot more effort to do so. The floors underneath the seat pans were fine, it was just the footwells that rusted through. To replace the whole floors would mean cutting out the seat pans which would lead to issues like realigning them and also the body shell flopping (and thus needing to make strengthening struts before cutting the floors out) as they are quite a structural piece.

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