Rear seat rust repair.

27 December 2008

Was just going to do a small patch job to the side of the support plate (it’s the plate that the traction arm bolts to from underneath). But thought I had better remove the plate and see the extent of the damage… It was pretty ugly underneath, with a lot of metal rotted to nothing and a fair few pinholes. So it’d be best to do a larger patch panel.




After drilling out the original spot-welds on the plate, and after cleaning and painting with POR-15.


The repair panel, cut to shape and positioned.


The patch panel plug welded in place. The holes were made going from the underneath as the original panel is still there. The strengthening plate was then put back and plug welded. Again, not all the welds are done just yet, just enough to hold everything in place – (this way I get to see progress…)


And a general state of things:


Next will be to fill some more of the welds then move onto the front floor pans.

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