Car is back… !!

23 October 2008

The car was delivered back to me early this evening, looking decidedly better.


So, after sandblasting and priming, this is what the body now looks like:




Dash, roof and the see-through rear end:


The underside:


Hood, boot and cowl:


Overall, I’m pretty pleased with the results of the sandblasting, certainly a lot easier to work with now, and nicer to look at. There are a few areas inside the car and underneath where there was rubber/sealant/undercoating which did not come off with the blasting. The only down side to having it primered straight after the blast-cleaning is I don’t know how good a job at getting rid of all the rust they did… so fingers crossed I get no rust bubbles appearing through the paint.


Now, to start the repair work. The rear end will be the first thing… trunk pan, trunk to quarter extensions, filler panels, shock mounts, inner and outer wheelhouses and the quarters.