More AutoTwirlin' fun.

18 October 2008

Rotating the body 90 degrees made me realise the body on the AutoTwirler was acting more like a pendulum than a rotisserie – in that it didn’t want to rotate through many degrees with ease. This meant the center of gravity of the body shell was not aligned with the pivot point of the AutoTwirler. Today I corrected this by raising the body about a foot higher than previously… now it freely rotates through all 360 degrees.


First of all though I put an extra, larger, washer on the front mounting bolts… as the first ones were too small and were buckling under tension.


Next was to adjust the centre of gravity alignment. This adjustment is via holes in the vertical section of the AutoTwirler T-bar (the bar with the mounting prongs and/or brackets) and a big chunky bolt. First was to take the weight off these bolts… I used an engine crane at the front and two jacks on blocks at the rear.


Then in gradual increments, at front and back simultaneously, raised the body up (whilst still attached to the AutoTwirler T-bar)… Until it was two holes higher than previously (I raised just one hole higher first, tested (rotation), then decided to go one higher).


The body now rotates through 360 degrees easily.


One Response to “More AutoTwirlin' fun.”

  1. John Hilton Says:

    Rotisserie ‘Fire’ Chicken!

    My projects are sitting due to lack of funds. I put some money into the stock market, and now it’s tied up for awhile!

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