Et voila…

8 October 2008

The adapter brackets for the AutoTwirler finally arrived (last week) and today was nice out, so, I got round to mounting the body. Took a while but got it done…

  • First, I had to roughly set up the AutoTwirler with the two ends at the the front and back of the car with the middle bar connecting the two whilst the body was still on blocks.
  • Then, using a mix of an engine hoist and 2 car jacks lifted the body about one meter off the ground.
  • Once the body was at the right height, the two ends of the rotisserie could be slid inwards a bit to the mounting locations.
  • Then all the bolts were tightened…
  • …and removed the hoist and jacks.


First of all though I had to install the back mount brackets. They attach where the leaf springs bushings would otherwise be:


Then to raise the body shell… using the engine hoist and two jacks:


The two ends of the AutoTwirler rolled inwards a bit and mated with the mounting locations at front and back:


Here it is fully mounted:

One Response to “Et voila…”

  1. gene Says:

    that looks really handy i wish i had 800 bucks right now and the place to work on it

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