More trunk bracing.

12 September 2008

In preparation for mounting on the recently purchased AutoTwirler (still waiting on the leaf spring mount brackets) I’ve braced the rear end. This (paired with the prior support braces) should stop any corkscrew-ing or sagging when the car is rotated. Once mounted, it is off to the ‘blasters for cleaning, then when it gets back it’ll be time for putting together the new arse-end of the car. For this, this bracing will need to be removed, so really these bracings are very temporary to allow the shotblasters to get all round the car. Here’s some pictures:


Assembling the AutoTwirler.

4 September 2008

The AutoTwirler (car rotisserie) arrived (rusty). There’s not much to assembly…


You get two of these ends. Three wheels for each. The wheels are on plates that slot into a seat, then a single bolt holds them in.


These three bars are to tie the two ends together. They come packaged inside the swinging t-bars.


Now it’s assembled I can see that I’m gonna have to either fabricate or buy a pair of brackets that will mount the back end of the car. For the cost of thick box section around here (and to say my welder wouldn’t do brilliantly with 6-8mm steel is being generous), I decided to buy some. I’ll be ordering them from Eastwood (in America) soon, so I have a fair wait till they arrive. The front is easy enough it just sits on the ‘prongs’ and bolts through them into the firewalls subframe mounts.

Cut up the door skins.

1 September 2008

In preparation for the blast cleaning, I cut out a large section of the door skin, to expose the hidden side of the interior door wall. I’m trying to maximize what needs cleaning gets blasted, and minimize what doesn’t (as in what needs to replaced for sure).


Before / after of the right hand door:


…and the other side:


Not much left of the car now…


I’m probably going to cut some more of the quarters out (lose the gills for now), for the same reason as doing the door skins. It’s going to look good (or something close, anyway), when it’s all been blasted and primed.