Rebuilding subframe. Steering center link.

27 July 2008

Rebuilding the steering linkage.


Started by bolting the steering gearbox to the subframe. This is held on by 3 bolts.


Then I found the old tie-rods and assembled the new ones to roughly the same length.


Then attach them to the centre-link.


Last bits to attach to the centre-link are the pitman arm and the idler arm. Once these are on the centre-link it is just a case of offering the assembly to the subframe, slide the pitman arm over the gearbox shaft (there is only one orientation that will work with the idler arm and centre oriented correctly as in the picture). Then put the large washer and bolt over the steering gearbox shaft and bolting the idler arm to the frame (the new idler arm does not come with new bolts so the old ones could be reused if in good condition or new replacements).


Now, ready for the control arms. All the bolts just installed need to be torqued to spec, but I’ll do that once a) I have a torque wrench, and b) when there are more components installed and more bolts to torque.

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