Removing pistons.

19 July 2008

First is to flip the engine upside down and remove the oil pump and pan.


Showing the crankshaft and piston connecting rod ends…


It may be needed to rotate the crankshaft until a piston connecting rod end in accessible and also in line with the piston.


1 – The piston rod bolts undone. 2 – The bearing cap gently knocked free. 3 – The bearing cap removed. 4 – The bearing cap and bolts.


1 – Place some rubber hose on the connecting rod studs to prevent damage to the cylinder as the piston is removed. 2 – Two of the head bolts and some elastic bands will catch the pistons as it is pushed out the cylinder. 3 – Place a stick on the piston to be removed and hit the stick with a hammer. This will cause the piston to move through the cylinder…


… and out the other end.


Then just repeat 7 more times and the engine is piston free.

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