Mounting the engine.

18 July 2008

The engine. I see a clown face…


1 – The mounting bracket.  2 – A box of 50 Grade 8 3.5″ 3/8 UNC bolts. I only want 4.  3 – 100 Grade 8 3/8 washers.
I had to ship the bolts and washers in from the USA as I could not find any Grade 8 imperial hardware anywhere in the UK. And the only place that shipped internationally only had packs of 50 bolts. I guess eBay is about to see a box of 46 Grade 8, 3 1/2″, 3/8 UNC bolts.
Note: I did get some Grade 5 bolts that might have done, but I personally wasn’t happy letting them take the whole weight of the engine, so decided to wait for Grade 8 and with it peace of mind.


1 – The bolt screwed almost all the way into the engine block. 2 – Work out how many washers need to take up the slack.


1 – For some reason a couple of the bracket arm would not reach to the engine block and needed to be packed out on both sides. 2 – All done, ready for alignment then tightening. 3 – Alignment, a good trick. Had some long length of bolt stud that could be screwed through a bracket hole, then used a spirit level to find perfect vertical. 3 – Tightening. Now the bracket is aligned everything can be tightened.


Now for the fun bit… This took me a number of attempts to get right.
1 – I had to move the strap off of the oil sump so allow for a few more inches of reach. 2 – Simple enough… get it from the crane onto the mount stand.


Mating the mounting bracket to the stand.


1 – slack off the hoist straps… and the engine is floating! 2 – can do away with the bulky crane for now. 3 – The engine mounted.


I also drained a remainder of oil from the sump, and removed the sump.

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