…Yet more rust removal. Shot blasting this time.

4 July 2008

First of all was to separate the steering centre-link from the idler arm, pitman shaft, and old tie-rods.

This is as simple as removing a pin, undoing a nut, knocking with a hammer and repeating. Easier said than done with something this rusty.

And afterwards:


Had the sway bar and, now, the centre link to grind the rust away.


With most of the rust gone on most of the bits, it is time to use the shot blast to get into the hard – and impossible – to reach areas. It was actually very effective doing it this way, the shot-blasting was not a slow process and not tedious.

The rear end being done:

Before/after of the rear traction bar:

And here is everything, all done and ready for paint.


Still had the wheel backing plates to do. I tried them in the rust remover solution, in a larger pot.
Before, during and after the process:

Note that the top 2 backing plates were done with solution that was almost black and should’ve been thrown away, but I had none left so had to reuse the old stuff. The POR-15 paint won’t mind anyway.

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