Some hocus pocus. And more rust removal.

3 July 2008

The hocus pocus:
Had lots of little parts, with lots of rust that needed to be removed. Best way is to use a dip solution. I used Bilt Hamber Laboratories Deox C concentrated rust remover. It is a white powder that gets diluted in water (yes, water). A kilo of this powder can make up to 20 litres of rust removing solution. I found this to be very effective and efficient. Best results definitely come when the solution is heated, it’s very rapid acting this way.

Here’s the tub of the stuff:


First is to wire brush away any loose rust, and then degrease the parts – I used Gunk followed by white spirits.


Then into an old cooking pot on top of the hob. Pour in the solution and heat. The third picture shows the colour of the solution after just a few seconds. It turns from clear to yellow/green getting darker until it is black. It can be used up to the point it turns black, then it is all spent.


1- In the pot for a few minutes… 2- A few minutes after that… 3- And a few more minutes after that.


After the first bout, I decided to put them all in again.


Some of the other batches of bits to be treated. Includes steering knuckles, accelerator rod, sway bar brackets and many nuts and bolts.


And voila, like new, all the bits treated:


And more rust removal:

The parts that I actually did were the radiator support, 2 subframe support plates, leaf spring brackets, reservoir bracket.

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