Removed paint and sanded to bare metal, the roof, sail pillars and rear end.

Used Nitro Mors Paint and Varnish stripper, it makes light work of each of the layers of paint but doesn’t touch the primer.

Used a random orbit sander to get rid of the primer coat.


Paint stripper applied:

After scraping:

After sanding:

The rear quarters are going to be replaced, so are left untouched for now.

  • Pulled out the spring headliner bows, labeling each one as they have specific designations.
  • Using a paint scraper, scraped away at the headliner insulation. Very dusty work.
  • Bows and headliner insulation still in place:

    The bare metal roof:

    Stripped dash out.

    29 May 2008

    Everything but the ignition switch taken out:



    Took out the rear shocks and leaf springs. Someone in the past did a rather shitty repair for one of the rear shocks where it had rotted and fallen through the trunk pan mounts, they made a bodge plate and bolted it to the rear frame. To get the leaf springs out was a little tricky; a couple of the front bracket mount bolts just turned as they had separated from a retaining clip, one of the bolts through the shackle at the back was rounded and both were rusted inside the spring. To overcome these problems I decided to go through the floor and trunk pans as this was quickest, easiest and are to be replaced anyway.

    Troublesome bolt under floor pans holding the leaf spring mount bracket:

    Cut the hole in the floorpan. Can now hold still the nut on this side of the bolt and loosen from the other.

    Troublesome shackle mounting bolt for rear of leaf spring under trunk pan:

    Cut the hole in the trunk pan. Now have room to fit a socket to make unbolting easier and be able to use a drift pin (another bolt) and a hammer to knock the bolt out of the bushing.

    Shocks and assorted other bits taken off:

    Leaf springs:

    Under car:

    Took out rear axle.

    25 May 2008

    Took out the rear axle assembly. The leaf springs are being a little stubborn, so I separated them under the car and am going to take them out later.


    Before / after:

    Before / after:

    Axle Assembly:

    Subframe so far.

    24 May 2008

    From now on I’ll be spraying POR-15 on everything, rather than brushing.

    After grinding:

    Quick wash:


    After Metal Ready pre-primer:

    Pictures say it all. Just use a chisel and hammer.

    This metal outer sleeve gets replaced with a new bushing, so the damage doesn’t matter. The edge of the control arm shaft hole is burred, so will need filing down.