Steering column and parking brake lines removed.

21 April 2008

One Response to “Steering column and parking brake lines removed.”

  1. jeremy higgins Says:

    Nice site it has been a great help. I have a 67 I am currently tearing down ,but the gas tank has got me scratching my head a little. How does the filler neck go through the plate which holds the fuel door on? Does it unscrew or pry off or? I have done the obvious and unscrewed all the bolts but do not want to ruin anything. Any hints or do you have any other photos or video of this portion. everything is removed but i am not sure on this portion. Any help or tips would be greatly appreciated. Apr 14,2010 Waterloo, Ontario Canada. Let me know if you are interested in any photos and I can forward, it took me 3 years to find this bird


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