Car started for last time.

12 April 2008

Car did not want to start. Gravity fed petrol through pump but to no avail. Found 2 fractured rubber lines at the carb, so temporarily taped them up. Still no different. Recharged battery, and still no change, so cleaned battery terminals and the clamps, whilst doing this noticed the negative cable has deteriorated significantly and almost fell out the clamp crimp. Repaired this cable with a spare one from the boot of this car. Car now works, video below. It’ll be a long time before the car runs again, here on begins the major stuff.


2 Responses to “Car started for last time.”

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  2. Peter Says:

    Recently found your site and I am hooked. You’ve inspired me to get back on the ball with my ’68 bird. And the progress looks spectacular. Keep up the great work.


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