Front right fender taken off with difficulty, unsure of how it all fitted together and to help a few of the bolts were rusted to the nut or the body, so there was a lot of cutting to the sheet metal. This sides lower fender panel was also taken off. Found a fair amount of rust about the place, the fender and lower panel will need to be replaced. The wheelhouse looks like it’ll need replacing as the mounting location for the fender has rotted, also a mounting plate that sits on top of the wheelhouse. Well, hopefully the left side removal should be straight forward now.


Fender off:

Other side of the fender:

Minus the cuts made by me, there is fair bit of rust damage:

Rust damage to bottom corner of fender:

The wheelhouse is left on the car (the towel over the engine is because I had to use the angle grinder to remove a few bolts):

Rust damage to the wheelhouse: