After cleaning:

Drive shaft gone:

Fuel tank gone:

Fuel filler gone:

Shot blasted hood hinges using a protable compressor, shot hopper and a handheld shotblast gun. Used grit first of all and this is the most abrasive, strips rusts off very easily but the surface it leaves is mottled. Used glass beads as an alternative, this is less abrasive buts leaves a smooth and almost shiny surface. Best approach seems to be grit first then tart up with glass. Also oiled all pivot points and the hinges now operate smoothly. Before and after the shot blasting, below:

Car did not want to start. Gravity fed petrol through pump but to no avail. Found 2 fractured rubber lines at the carb, so temporarily taped them up. Still no different. Recharged battery, and still no change, so cleaned battery terminals and the clamps, whilst doing this noticed the negative cable has deteriorated significantly and almost fell out the clamp crimp. Repaired this cable with a spare one from the boot of this car. Car now works, video below. It’ll be a long time before the car runs again, here on begins the major stuff.


Sheared another bolt on the towbar – these really were rusted through, and the the last remaining one just spins in its hole, so had to drill the heads off all the bolts. The bumper and towbar then fell off. Also took out the last rear quarter window (had to cut and pull the plastic roller off). Removed some strips along the floor and in the door area, and removed some weatherstrips and mounting clips.


Noticed that on the day the car first fired there appeared a bright green – antifreeze – puddle of liquid under the car and in the passenger side floor pan so suspect the radiator, to make sure I’ve cut the water hose entering the radiator and reattached where the the hose leaving the radiator goes – the engine. Will examine if any leaks when I start the car again, soon.


Windshield out.

8 April 2008

Used a stanley knife and a guitar string to cut the rubber seal around the window. Got 3 sides done nicely, but on the fourth could not get the knife blade in properly nor the string all the way through; no matter what angle, how hard or how many times I tried. Eventually stabbed most of it away using just the tip of the blade. Lifted windsheild out and as doing so watched an existing crack grow and grow. So, as there was no point in being carefull now I eventually wiggled free the windshield you see below.


Also disconnected the headlights and indicators.


Took both doors off. Took rear window and one rear quarter window out. The rubber seal for the back window had almost completely disintegrated so the glass just lifted out. One quarter window was seperated from its tracks (a plastic roller has fallen off) so this was also simple – the other side is still connected to the guide tracks, so I’ll leave it for now.

Don’t do this to the rear window, have stored it somewhere with less chance of it breaking:

Not much done.

6 April 2008

It decided to snow so not much done. Took trunk lid off and cleaned the trunk area out. Some pictures of the rust near the shock towers are below. Took tail lights out. Tried to take the bumper off but a mounting bolt in the trunk just spins, and I sheared the two mounting bolts for the towbar which connects to the bumper… too damned cold to sort it out today.


The left hand shock has completely fallen through the mounting panel.


Tail lights out:

Took front left fender off, much easier than the other one. Will also need replacing; not only the rust but a cross section of the panel showed that the filler on it was at least 4 times that of the metal itself. Also took the wheelhouses off. Off as well came a lot of the front end; valance and a load of support panels and the doors.


Fender, valance and bumper taken off:

The two wheelhouses left to go:

The amount of body filler on the fender (this was not just in a small area):

Doors are unbolted:

End of the day: