It all begins…

16 December 2007

Successful in the auction for the car. Shipping was arranged a few days later. Currently situated in Kansas, USA. Nothing to do but wait untill it arrives here in the UK.

9 Responses to “It all begins…”

  1. TimMiranowski Says:

    Hey Congradulations, on purchase of the car. Where in the UK are you from? I had considred placing a bid on this vary car when it was on e-bay because it was in Mulvane Ks. which is roughly 25 miles south east of where I live, which is west Wichita Ks. I am a big GM fan myself and the era hat I think was diffently the high point of design of GM was the 1960’s. I challenge anyone to name an ugly looking GM product of that era and I will proably put up an argument that it was still better looking vehicle than what is being put out by GM today by far. When I was in high school during the 80’s these cars were hihly priced vehicles. I had a 1979 Pontiac Trans Am I loved that car.

    I’l try and keep an eye on your progress and wish you sucess!


    • firebird67 Says:

      Hey, thanks.
      I’m in South East England. You’re right about the 60’s era of GM cars. Most of todays cars, of any make, have all lost something that these cars had. Probably the excitement of never knowing if the car is going to start or do what you want it to, but hey, reliable’s boring.

  2. Zach Knutsen Says:

    Nice ride! I hope you keep that 326, when they are built up, they extremely strong, we have one in our Firebird, built up with a .040 overbore,Ram Air 3 Camshaft,TRW forged pistons,edelbrock 650 carb with eletronic choke and a holley street dominator intake along with Ram Air exhaust manifolds..

  3. steve Says:

    wow you have a project there would love to be there when you unleash the bird on the streets of the uk i have a 67 400 package power steering power drumbrakes air conditioning hood mounted tach and strangly enough column shift and open diff it has smog equipment as it is still a california car i had to replace the panel below rear window patch the roof at the point where windshield meet s the a pillar and straighten rear i have never seen 1st gen not hit in rear almost ready to paint and move on to reassembly thanks for relating your experiences with rotisierie

  4. Danny Says:

    Hi checked out your car. Your doin a great job She is going to look tough. I ‘ve been drivin my 68’ Camaro since High School about ten years (daily). I will never get enough of it . I hope you love this car as much as I love Mine because they are tons of fun . Maybe one of these days I will show you a picture if you want to see it . I ‘ve got so many stories and been pulled over by the police so many times . (memories what can I say)

    • Lloyd Says:

      Hey. I can’t wait till it’s back mounted on all four wheels, let alone to drive it! Would love to see your Camaro… don’t know which I prefer, the Firebird or Camaro, not much in it I guess, definatley like the uniqueness of the front end for 67-68 Firebirds but 69 and onwards got a bit ugly I think. Nothing beats the two of them though.

      • danny avalos Says:

        Hi , I have not had much luck with the pictures. I will try with my wifes camera phone. For some reason her phone will email pictures, mine will not. Same phone, who knows…. I been workin on the motor to my daughters 68 Camaro. I got the motor in about a week before the super bowl. Did ya get your car on four wheels yet? Sounds pretty exciting. I can’t wait to see new pictures.

  5. Karsten Says:

    Hello, nice car there. I bought one myself one month ago, looks very similar to yours. Lots of work, but I`m looking forward to this fun. This is going to be my first restauration. I plan to start next year in august, because I’m going to the sea at the moment. Your site is very helpful for my projekt, thanks a lot. Propably I will host my own site. By the way, do you know a good forum for 67firebirds, where i can get some informations and some help if I got some questions.
    Greetings from germany, good work!!!

  6. RAY Says:

    Good job,,,I am in british columbia canada and have a 67 firebird convertible with most all the options and have been slowly putting it back together for about 7 yrs ,,, hope you get to enjoy yours soon

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